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TempHelpers is an on-demand platform that connects companies with the vetted candidates pool for jobs in events. hospitality, office and administration area.

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We Offer The Following Workers

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Events & Conventions

If you’re in the position of hosting a special event, chances are you have a million and one things to occupy your mind. Logistics, location, food, entertainment—this is just to name a few of the many complications the planning of a large function poses its organizers.

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Restaurant & Hospitality

As a member of the hospitality industry, the people you hire are often the difference between success and failure. Friendly, passionate employees, empowered by good management and sweating the small details– that’s what makes a restaurant, bar, hotel, or catering service profitable.

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Office, Clerical & Administrative

Running an office is a full time job, and when one part of a well-oiled administrative machine breaks down, or even has a small hiccup, it can have a cascading effect on the whole entire operation, not unlike a row of tumbling dominoes. Because deep organizational and interpersonal skills are among the most crucial qualities for efficient administrative staff and office workers to have, isn’t always simple or easy to fill important vacancies in these administrative positions.

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Call Center & Customer Service

According to customer surveys, it only takes one bad experience with a company for a consumer to jump ship. That means that your customer service has to be on point, and remain so despite any vacancies or discrepancies in your work force that may spring themselves on you.

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Light Industrial/ General Laborer

Order Picker/ Packer
General Laborer
Inventory Clerk
Shipping and Receiving
Loader / Unloader
General Warehouse

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