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If you’re in the position of hosting a special event, chances are you have a million and one things to occupy your mind. Logistics, location, food, entertainment—this is just to name a few of the many complications the planning of a large function poses its organizers.

Staffing can represent one of the most daunting hoops to jump through. It comes down to this: you need dozens of competent, dependable people, experienced in hospitality. You need them for a temporary, but highly specific time-frame, and you need to pull all of them together in a giant cooperative undertaking. No small feat.

Thankfully, we specialize in doing just that—helping you keep your head above water when creating a cohesive unit out of the many disparate employees needed. We’ve got the manpower to see that your soiree, corporate function, festival, etc. is supported by as many diligent and trustworthy individuals as you require, all working together to see it go off without a hitch.

 Hospitality From a great bartender, to friendly waiters, cashiers, attendants and coat-checkers, we provide all of the puzzle pieces to see that your guests have a seamless and positive experience at your next event. The human touch is extremely important in the hospitality industry, which is why all of our workers are, friendly, and ready to take care of everything. Marketing or promotional Models, brand ambassadors, product demonstrators—no matter what particular niche of the market you are on the hunt for, we’ve got a roster of employees who specialize in giving your brand or product that “certain something” that draws customer attention. All of our highly-rated, hand-selected promotional employees are tried and tested, and represent an opportunity for big results. Set Up / Clean Up Crews While it may seem a minor detail, the task of setting up all the things that go into a festival or event, and then taking them away again, is often a monumental undertaking. It helps to remember the old adage: many hands make light work. So why not eliminate these trivialities from your huge list of concerns?  We’ve got hundreds of well-experienced candidates with the expertise necessary to take this major item off of your plate.

If there are other, more specific jobs you need handled for your next event, just let us know. We work with hosts every day to create some epic functions. Just shoot us an email and we are happy to accommodate in almost every situation!

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